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Music makes the difference

You have probably heard of different learning styles, for example, Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic.  Did you know, however, that these go in cycles, so that, for example, if your dominant learning style is Visual, there will be times of the day, the month, year or your life when your visual learning style is very strong, times when it is less strong.  There may even be times when your Auditory or Kinaesthetic style is dominant.  We also learn with our other senses: taste, smell, etc.  In fact our visual sense includes many senses: the perception of movement, of colour, of shape, etc, auditory includes pitch, timbre, rhythm, volume, etc., and our sense of touch includes our tactile sense and our kinaesthetic sense (to put it briefly, one is an internal feeling, one is external).
What is even more important for us as we learn, however, is the connections we make in our brains between these different learning styles or inputs into the brain.  Thus when we look at a piece of music, we can imagine what it sounds like; when we hear a piece of music, we can imagine what it looks like; we can imagine what it feels like to play, which fingers move, and so on; we can make associations between pitch and timbre or between the shape of our hand and the feeling of that shape.  The more connections and associations we can make, the better.  In fact, the brain is designed to make connections and patterns, and some say it is the only way we learn.
In addition to the connections between the Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic, there are many other connections, not least those between the intellectual, physical and emotional.  Research has shown very clearly that learning is much stronger when emotion is involved, and when physical movement is involved.  Perhaps it is these connections and patterns which music makes in our brains that is the reason for the strong correlation between learning music and performing well academically.
But who needs these reasons?  Isn’t music just wonderful for its own sake?
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