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Chinese Immersion Excellence Program

​​Workshop with Maestro George Gao​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Since January 2018, MacGregor State High School has offered the Chinese Immersion Excellence Program for families who wish to provide a quality international oriented education in a supportive multicultural environment.


Students start in Year 7 studying Science, Maths and Chinese in Mandarin with their classes and assessment mainly in Mandarin Chinese.   The Australian curriculum is closely followed - with opportunities for students to extend their abilities in English and Humanities with activities aligned with the Honours program. 


Electives are also offered with many students in Chinese Immersion involved in the Arts, Sport and Music programs at the school.  The program is offered to students throughout Junior Secondary years with pathways to advanced and extension studies in the language.


Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is an internationally recognised approach to teaching a language and a subject simultaneously.  Immersion teachers at MacGregor State High School actively participate in professional development with neighbouring immersion programs and universities to develop pedagogy to cater for learning in CLIL classrooms.


By the end of Year 12, students will be expected to be at a high level of fluency with prerequisites gained to enter into accelerated studies at tertiary level.


Bilingualism is


            ·         A source of neuroplasticity – repeated language selection creates new brain pathways and supports attention and other cognitive benefits.

            ·         A source of social connections – through intercultural understanding, travel, maintaining extended family connections.

            ·         A source of economic benefits – bilingual skills can be helpful when looking for jobs.


Chinese is just the medium, and the target – but not defining the content.  That is, the culture of the classroom is of the Queensland style of delivery with local content.


Students in the Chinese Immersion Excellence Program are offered opportunities to sit external exams such as the HSK tests and participate in language competitions.  Excursions planned throughout the year engage students in activities to supplement their learning such as culture, food and language competencies.   Future partnerships are being implemented as the program is being rolled out.


MacGregor State High School is proud of a close relationship with the Shanghai No. 4 Middle School Attached to Shanghai Normal University.  MacGregor State High School have hosted several study tours at our school with many of our students participating as buddies and homestays.  Immersion students will be offered the opportunity to participate in study tours and short exchanges to Mandarin speaking areas in the future.


Learning a language through content areas is a valuable and life-changing experience.  Strong friendships are formed and networks are created for life.  The ability to refine language and cultural competencies with dedicated and passionate teaching and industry professionals is an opportunity for motivated and aspirational students.  Families who participate in this program realise the importance of these skills for future employability and engagement in the Asia-Pacific and beyond.


Immersion or bilingual programs are increasingly in demand.  Recent studies in teaching subject areas as Maths in a ‘foreign language’ show that grades have a strong positive impact on exam results across curriculum areas – see here.  Researchers worldwide are tracking students in bilingual or immersion programs with encouraging results such as the affect that dual-language learning is having on a child’s brain and the correlation to neuroscience – see here.


Immersion students at MacGregor often learn more about their own language whilst studying subjects in another which then leads on to a greater confidence and understanding of all curriculum areas in English.


Curriculum Enquiries Mrs Dhuha Gatei, Head of Department, International Programs


Enrolment Enquiries Mrs Arhondi Grespos, Enrolments Officer, 07 3347 3555,


        学生们从七年级开始学习科学,数学和中文(普通话,他们的成绩评估测验主要使用普通话。该教程与澳大利亚课程密切关联 - 学生有机会通过与荣誉教学项目的相关活动来扩展他们的英语和人文的能力。中文只是教学的媒介和目标 - 但不局限于内容。也就是说,课堂上所教授的课程将与澳洲高中课程相同,教学语言会替换为中文。


 内容语言综合学习法(Content and Language Integrated Learning CLIL是一种国际公认的可以同时教授语言和学科内容的方法 麦格雷戈州立高中的精英沉浸式中文教程,教师通过参与其他沉浸式教学教程和大学的职业课程,积极开发教学方法,以满足内容语言综合学习的需求。



        •思维的灵活性 在使用双语中提升思维的灵活性,注意力以及其他认知方面。

        •社会文化的多样性 文化交流可以提升对其他文化的理解与认识。

        •双语优势 - 双语技能在寻找工作时会有所帮助。




        沉浸式以及双语式教程的需求量不断增多。最近在“外语”数学教学领域的相关研究表明对课程领域的考试成绩有很大的积极影响 请参阅此处here。世界各地的研究人员正在跟踪双语或沉浸式教​程的教育成果,其结果令人鼓舞,参加双语学习对孩子大脑的影响以及与神经科学的相关资料 - 请参阅此处here.




请联系Dhuha Gatei女士,国际课程系主任




请咨询Arhondi Grespos女士,入学登记主任

电话:07 3347 3555

邮件:enrolments @​

 Multicultural Assembly 2019

Chinese Immersion class at the RD Milns Antiquities Museum, University of Queensland, 2019

Sunnybank Food & Culture Discovery Excursion, 2018​