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Code of Behaviour

MacGregor’s Code of Behaviour aligns with Dimension One and Dimension Five of our Dimensions of Learning Pedagogical Framework. Dimension One, Attitudes and Perceptions, underpins the expected behaviour of MacGregor State High students. Dimension Five, Habits of Mind, helps students with productive mental habits that assist students to learn in the school environment and into any future environment. By using the suggested Habits of Mind this behaviour become automatic.
Our code is based around two specific values of respect and safety. These two values underpin the societal values that keep us safe in our community and allow us to demonstrate appropriate behaviours at all times. In line with the MacGregor symbol of the Lion, we now expect our students to ROAR, Respect Others and Act Responsibly. Three key Habits of Mind will help students to ROAR:  

Managing Impulsivity – Often doing the right thing means stopping and thinking about the consequences. Asking yourself, “Is this the right thing to do?” If students learn to resist the urge to do the most immediate thought or response it will often lead to better choices around safety and respect.

Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision – Communication is of the utmost importance in ensuring that respect is mutual. If students can process their thoughts so as to communicate them in a respectful and precise manner, this will help in all conversations within the school environment including both with their peers and other members of the school community.

Listening with Understanding and Empathy – Being able to see another point of view through carefully listening will ensure that people feel respected and understood. Listening to instructions is key in the school environment particularly in keeping yourself and others safe. 

Respect Others is:
1. Allowing other students to learn in an environment free from disruptive behaviour
2. Embracing MacGregor's diversity by treating others with respect, thoughtfulness and fairness
3. Using appropriate language, common courtesy and manners
4. Being punctual to class and ready to learn
5. Following promptly directions given by staff in and out of the classroom  
Act Responsibly is:
1. Doing things in a SAFE manner – avoid dangerous and unhealthy practices.
2. Treating school property and other people’s property with respect and care.
3. Behaving in a way that reflects well on the school at all times.
4. Wearing the uniform as expected.
5. Taking advantage of every opportunity offered at the school.