Chinese Immersion Excellence Program


The Chinese Immersion Excellence Program has been offered at MacGregor State High School since 2018. This is an exciting opportunity for families who wish to provide a quality international oriented education in a supportive multicultural environment. If you have a passion to achieve personal goals, a strong sense of purpose and commitment, if you are aspirational and motivated to position yourself well for future opportunities, then you are eligible to apply to study this Excellence Program.

Students engage in the study of Chinese Language, Science and Maths in Mandarin Chinese. The Program extends from Year 7 to 10, with a graduated reduction in English usage over the period of the course. The curriculum across these subjects incorporates languages, academic and cultural studies. Diversification of the program occurs in accordance with our student's abilities and pathways. Program participants also study English and Humanities as core subjects in the mainstream curriculum and make elective choices in fields such as the Arts, Sport and Music. 

Our Junior Secondary Chinese Immersion Program leads to pathways in Language study in the senior school which is pitched at an advanced level of study. By the end of Year 12, students will be expected to be at a high level of fluency with prerequisites gained to enter into accelerated studies at tertiary level.

Excursions and cultural experiences are planned locally throughout the year to engage students in activities to supplement their learning about food and culture and to enhance language competencies. 

Internationally, partnerships have been established with schools in China and Taiwan. Chinese Immersion students have been involved in the online face to face Global Learning Project with students at Yuteh Private Bilingual School in Taipei, Taiwan. Of significant long-term value is the close sister-school relationship between MacGregor State High School and the Shanghai No. 4 Middle School Attached to Shanghai Normal University.  MacGregor State High School has hosted several study tours with many of our students participating as buddies and homestays.  Immersion students are offered the opportunity to participate in study tours and short exchanges to Mandarin speaking areas.

Chinese is just the medium, and the target – but not defining the content. That is, the culture of the classroom is of the Queensland style of delivery with local content. Students in the Chinese Immersion Excellence Program are also offered opportunities to sit external exams such as the HSK tests and participate in language competitions. 

Learning Immersion

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is an internationally recognised approach to teaching a language and a subject simultaneously.  Immersion teachers at MacGregor State High School actively participate in professional development with universities to develop and extend their pedagogy.

Language learning better positions our students in the rapidly changing global marketplace     

The world is a language rich place. With 94 percent of the world's population currently speaking a language other than English, studying another language positions MacGregor High students as responsible 21st century citizens to be able to manage sensitive and effective communication and transfer knowledge across languages and cultures. Our language learners view the world from a wider perspective as they have a better understanding and value of their own culture as well as the cultures of other people.

Bilingualism is

  • A source of neuroplasticity – repeated language selection creates new brain pathways and supports attention and other cognitive benefits such as critical thinking, reasoning, conceptualising, and problem solving.
  • A source of social connections – through intercultural understanding, travel, maintaining extended family connections.
  • A source of economic benefits – bilingual skills can enhance future career prospects and opportunities.

Immersion or bilingual programs are highly recognised globally.  Recent studies in teaching subject areas such as Maths in a 'foreign language' show that grades have a strong positive impact on exam results across curriculum areas – Learning maths in foreign language 'boosts MFL grades'

Researchers worldwide are tracking students in bilingual or immersion programs with encouraging results. One such example if the affect that dual-language learning is having on a child's brain and the correlation to neuroscience – Brain Benefits of Bilingualism

We invite you to learn more about our Chinese Immersion Program

The ability to learn language through content areas and to develop cultural competencies through dedicated and passionate teaching and learning is a valuable and life-changing opportunity for motivated and aspirational students. Strong friendships are formed and networks are created for life. Families who participate in this program realise the importance of these skills for future employability and engagement in the Asia-Pacific and beyond. Additionally, immersion students are able to learn more about their own language whilst studying subjects in another language, clearly developing confidence and having benefits across the curriculum.

Curriculum Enquiries

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自2018年以来,MacGregor公立高中学开始提供"沉浸式中文优秀教育课程"。对于那些希望在多元文化的环境中得到高质量的国际化教育的家庭来说,这是一个激动人心的机会。 如果您有实现个人目标的热情,强烈的目标感和承诺感,并且有志向并有动力为将来的机遇做好准备,那么您就有资格申请这个优秀学习计划。

学生们从7年级开始通过普通话学习汉语,科学和数学。 该计划从7年级扩展到10年级,并且在整个课程期间逐步减少了英语使用量。 这些学科的课程包括语言,学术和文化研究。 该计划的多样化取决与学生的能力的衔接。 本计划的学生的核心课程 (英文和人文科学), 还有兴趣科目例如:艺术,体育和音乐等领域将会在主流班上课。

我们的初中汉语浸入式课程为高级语言学习提供了衔接,该语言课程的学习水平较高。 预计到12年级,学生将达到较高的流利程度,并且具备升读高等教育的前提条件。


国际上,本校已经与中国的学校建立了合作伙伴关系。 MacGregor公立高中与上海师范大学附属第四中学建立具有长期合作的姐妹学校的关系。MacGregor公立高中举办了几次学习之旅,我们的许多学生作为寄宿家庭向学习团的学生提供了文化跟言语的交流的机会。学生将来有机会参加游学项目,与姐妹学校进行语言文化交流。



内容和语言集成学习(CLIL是一种国际认同的方法,这种方法同时教授语言和科目。 MacGregor公立高中的沉浸式教学老师积极参大学的专业培训并与其合作发展,共同扩展他们的教育理念。




  • 神经可塑性的来源–反复选择语言创造了新的大脑途径,并支持注意力和其他认知益处,例如批判性思维,推理,概念化和解决问题的能力
  • 社会联系的来源–通过跨文化的了解,旅行,维持大家庭联系.
  • 经济利益的来源–双语技能可以增强未来的职业前景和机会。

沉浸式或双语教学在全球得到高度认可。 最近的研究表明以"外语"进行教学,例如在数学等学习领域,其所得的成绩对整个学习领域都有很强的积极影响
请参见:  Learning maths in foreign language 'boosts MFL grades'

全球研究人员在追踪研究双语或浸入式课程的学生,发现了令人鼓舞的结果。 其中一个例子:双语学习对孩子的大脑产生影响以及与神经科学的相关性,请参见 Brain Benefits of Bilingualism




Mrs Gail Bligh






Phone: 07 3347 3555   



 Multicultural Assembly

Chinese Immersion class at the RD Milns Antiquities Museum, University of Queensland

Sunnybank Food & Culture Discovery Excursion

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