Bring Your Own Device Program - BYOx


Why BYOx?

BYOx is a program where students use a personally owned digital device within the MacGregor SHS network. The "x" stands for the laptop (device) and all associated network resources it accesses.

Research from the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) has identified Digital Literacy as a high demand enterprise skill for the future. The MacGregor BYOx program will help equipping our students with those vital digital skills. A laptop will help making learning a part of each student's life, linking learning at school with learning at home. BYOx will also allow our teachers to use different resources to meet different learning needs.

A dedicated group of MacGregor teachers continues to research new resources and to build an evidence based strategic plan for the use of Information Technology (IT) at MacGregor.

What does it involve?

The BYOx program is for families that may already have an appropriate device. A good laptop is an investment that will serve your child for at least 3-5 years. We recommend a Windows laptop to maximise your learning experience in the Education Queensland IT environment. However, we will continue to support students with devices purchased under a previous program.

A successful enrolment at MacGregor SHS requires students to connect every day to the school network with a suitable device. We have an equity program in place to assist families who need extra support and encourage families to work with us to provide their student with quality digital access as soon as possible, preferably at the start of the year. Refer to the information and forms in the Links section of this page to join the BYOx Program, and to apply for an equity laptop.

Please be aware that there are also some challenges with BYOx.

The school provides access to Microsoft Office for all students and some Adobe programs to students that require them. However, additional subject specific software will need to be purchased by families. This will vary depending on subject selections.

IT Technicians will not be able to diagnose or repair BYO devices apart from issues with connecting to the school network. It is possible some devices may not connect to the network - please refer to the BYOx Handbook for list of supported devices. Repairs and warranty claims will need to be handled by families.

Given the highly dynamic school environment, it is strongly recommended that accidental damage protection (ADP) is purchased for your valuable device.


Simple steps to onboard your device from home

Parent Fact Sheet
Windows Devices
iOS devices

MacOS devices

Follow relevant resources above to onboard your device (i.e. to prepare it to work nicely with the school network). Once done, your device will be able to connect to the school network when it is brought to the school. A compact BYOx app is then needed for connecting to the our printers and network storage drives. The app can be found in the MACGlink Student Portal. Please save this app in an easily accessable location on your device.


BYOx software and resources

BYOx software and resources can be found in the student portal known as the MACGlink. You can also access support information along with useful tips and instructions at this location. Your EQ credential is required.

The best way to get to MACGlink is by typing the following address (case-insensitive) directly into your browser address bar:

Microsoft OneDrive

First introduced in 2019, OneDrive is an online data storage location dedicated and secured for Education Queensland schools. OneDrive allows students to save their files securely in the Microsoft cloud infrastructure. Students can access their data using any device, giving unprecedented flexibility to complete learning tasks as they move between school and home.

Microsoft Office

All Queensland state school students can download free copies of the latest Microsoft Office to their personal home computers and mobile devices. Your Office subscription lasts for as long as you are a Queensland state school student. Students will need to use their school email address to sign in.

For PC and Mac, visit Office Portal, login using your school email address, click through to install and follow the onscreen process.

If you have trouble, please refer to the instructions on how to download and install Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus to your personal home computers running Windows (PDF, 734KB) or Mac (PDF, 1MB).

Adobe CC

MacGregor SHS has purchased licenses for Adobe Creative Cloud software. Some of our subjects require this suite of applications. Teachers will inform students if they need to install this software onto their laptop. Detailed instructions are located on MACGlink to install relevant software for your subjects. Do not purchase the products during the installation.


In order to reduce the weight of student's bags, the school is introducing electronic textbooks (eTexts) using an Australian provider, ReadCloud. This innovation will be a significant improvement in your student's learning experience. We will introduce the eTexts in a staged fashion so that we do not overwhelm our staff and students.


The MacGregor IT support team are available at TechConnect in F Block to answer any BYOx questions and to assist with software and connection problems. Don't hesitate to visit if you need assistance or advice.

Vendor Portals for Purchasing BYOx

We have worked with a number of vendors to develop BYOx device portals that offer high quality, fit-for-purpose and affordable devices.

The motivation for these portals was to make the process of choosing and buying a BYOx device easier for parents, and to give parents the peace of mind that these devices are backed by reliable vendors, a 3-year warranty with next-business-day onsite service, and the option to purchase Accidental Damage insurance.

Computer Alliance
Coming soon
DellComing soon

School log-in code: MacGregorSHS

School discount code: macgregor5%


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  • Your chosen vendor should be contacted directly for all enquiries, including sales support, after-sales and technical support, warranty and insurance claims.
Last reviewed 22 December 2020
Last updated 22 December 2020