Bring Your Own Device Program - BYOx


Why BYOx?

BYOx is a program where students use a personally owned digital device within the MacGregor SHS network. The "x" stands for the laptop (device) and all associated network resources it accesses.

The school provides access to Microsoft Office for all students and some Adobe programs to students that require them. However, additional subject specific software will need to be purchased by families unless otherwise communicated. This will vary depending on subject selections.

Research from the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) has identified Digital Literacy as a high demand enterprise skill for the future. The MacGregor BYOx program will help equipping our students with those vital digital skills. A laptop will help making learning a part of each student's life, linking learning at school with learning at home. BYOx will also allow our teachers to use different resources to meet different learning needs.

A dedicated group of MacGregor teachers continues to research new resources and to build an evidence based strategic plan for the use of Information Technology (IT) at MacGregor.

What does it involve?

A good laptop is an investment that will serve your child for at least 3-5 years. MacGregor SHS has negotiated with a number of vendors education pricing for high quality, fit-for-purpose laptops (see the Purchasing a BYOx Laptop page for more details). However, we will continue to support students with devices purchased under a previous program.

If you choose to purchase your own device outside of the aforementioned negotiated vendor arrangments, our IT staff can only support issues related to onboarding (i.e. connecting to the school network), and repairs/warranty claims will need to be handled by families. It is possible some devices may not connect to the network - please refer to the BYOx Handbook for list of supported devices.

Given the highly dynamic school environment, it is strongly recommended that an Accidental Damage insurance (a.k.a. ADP - Accidental Damage Protection) is purchased or included with your purchase to protect your valuable asset.

A successful enrolment at MacGregor SHS requires students to connect every day to the school network with a suitable device. We have an equity program in place to assist families who need extra support and encourage families to work with us to provide their student with quality digital access as soon as possible, preferably at the start of the year. Refer to the information and forms in the Links section of this page to join the BYOx Program, and to apply for an equity laptop.

Last reviewed 09 September 2021
Last updated 09 September 2021