Purchasing a BYOx Device


MacGregor SHS has negotiated with a number of vendors education pricing for high quality, fit-for-purpose computers.

These arrangements were formed to make the process of choosing and buying a BYOx device easier for parents, and to give parents the peace of mind that these devices are ready to enable learning.

Given the highly dynamic school environment, it is strongly recommended that an Accidental Damage insurance (a.k.a. ADP - Accidental Damage Protection) is purchased or included with your purchase to protect your valuable asset.

Summary of benefits if you purchase from these BYOx vendors:

  • A reliable device with quality parts that appeal to business users, not gamers nor general consumers. This usually translates into longer usable life and less random issues;
  • An efficient device that lowers the technical hurdles for quality learning;
  • Each offered device houses a stylus that allows natural note-taking, annotation and formula writing. Research evidence suggests this leads to better knowledge retention when compared to typing;
  • Backed by 3-year warranty with priority, next-business-day onsite service (optionally bundled with ADP in HP portal);
  • A supported device (with proof of purchase) can be dropped to the school Tech Connect located in F Block where we can assist with organising a repair, pick up and return for warranty claims

Is my existing computer suitable?

Due to rapid computing development, a device more than 3 years old generally struggles with demand of today, mainly due to aged components. Please refer to the Minimum Device Specifications for recommendations, if unsure, our IT staff offer practical advice on the suitability of your device in the school environment. Please send photos of the device in a detailed email including below information to

Email Subject: Check Specs - Existing Computer

Please include these information in the email: Student Name, Year Level, Selected Subjects.

In addition, a Microsoft System Information MSINFO32 report is needed. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Press "Windows" Key + the letter "R" on your keyboard to bring up the "Run" command window;

  2. Type "MSInfo32 /report Desktop/Info.txt" in the Open field and left-click OK;

  3. Wait for the report to generate, and then find the generated Info file on your "Desktop", then attach it to the email.

BYOx Vendor Portals

​AcerAcer BYOD Portal
JB HIFI Education

School code for parents: MGSHSbyod2022

Infomation Flyer (PDF, 591KB)

BYOD Parents Toolkit (PDF, 6.11MB)


School code for parents: MacGregorSHS

Information Flyer (PDF, 669KB)


  • The Device Portal websites referred to above contain information and content supplied by above third party vendors. MacGregor State High School is not associated or affiliated with any third party vendors.
  • MacGregor State High School is not responsible for the content, products or services offered through vendors' website.
  • The availability of these portals does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by MacGregor State High School of any particular vendor, model, brand, product or service.
  • MacGregor State High School is not a party to any transactions undertaken through these websites. Any transaction is purely between your chosen vendor and yourself, and you are advised to read the disclosure statements and terms and conditions from the vendor that you have selected.
  • Your chosen vendor should be contacted directly for all enquiries, including sales support, after-sales and technical support, warranty and insurance claims.
Last reviewed 12 November 2021
Last updated 12 November 2021