​Student Code of Conduct

MacGregor State High School provides high quality education programs that focus on learning for approximately 1400 students in Years 7 to 12 in a supportive co-educational environment.

  • Our vision: Leading education, building futures

  • Our values: Respect, Integrity and Diversity

  • Our School motto: The Best We Can Be


MacGregor State High School is proud of our cultural diversity and supports students by:

  • Providing high quality learning opportunities that cater for a range of student needs and cultural backgrounds;

  • Providing opportunities for students to participate in programs that allow them to excel in Academic, Cultural and Sporting pursuits;

  • Encouraging them to build strong links with the school community by participating in a range of service projects;

  • Maintaining a safe school setting that develops confidence in their relationships with others;

  • Encouraging participation of parents and the wider community in a range of school programs and services.

Learning at MacGregor challenges students to become critical, creative and reflective people of character, equipped to contribute to their communities.

Learning and behaviour at MacGregor are embedded within our framework for learning. We believe that creating a meaningful and sustainable academic culture, with positive learning behaviours, will improve student learning and maximise opportunities for success.

Click on this link to access the full MacGregor SHS Student Code of Conduct document.


The MacGregor State High School Attendance Policy aims to ensure students and parents/carers value their learning and make every day count. Full attendance gives students the optimal chance for success. Our Attendance Policy helps our school community to be the best we can be by making every day count.

Click on this link to access the full MacGregor SHS Attendance Policy document.

Learning Assessment and Reporting Policy

The school practicies for Learning, Assessment and Reporting are captured in the Learning, Assessment and Reporting (LARP) policy.

The LARP is responsive to changes from the Department of Education and the QCAA. The QCE and QCIA policy and procedures published by the QCAA​ provides specific advice to schools for LAR across Year 11 - 12.

Electronic Devices Policy

The MacGregor State High School Electronic Devices Policy is a segment of the School's Student Code of Conduct (pg.15-18). The Electronic Devices – Use of mobile Phones and other devices provides information about expectations for use of electronic devices including expectations for Bring Your Own Device use, communicating with others and Cyber Safety.

Click on this link to access t​he full MacGregor SHS Electronic Devices Policy document.

Uniform Policy

​​Our school maintains high expectations for our students presentation in our school and wider community. We want our students to be proud of our school and wear our school uniform with pride every day.

Click on this link to access the full MacGregor SHS Uniform Policy document.


Last reviewed 09 March 2023
Last updated 09 March 2023