Steve Webb (Graduated 1975)


​My name is Steve Webb, and I am a past student of MacGregor State High School. I attended MacGregor between 1972 and 75. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my high school years and I have many great memories of events and good friends, some of whom I remain in contact with to this day.

I recall in 1973 a mini tornado tore a path of destruction through the school, severely damaging a number of the school buildings. A number of students had to attend Salisbury SHS whilst the school was repaired. The place was a mess, and I remember the Principal of the time, Mr Ivor Roberts was kept busy trying to keep those of us that remained at the school out of the construction zone.

I left MacGregor in May of 1975 and went on to complete an apprenticeship as a motor mechanic. I completed that at Auto Centre, Logan Road Mt. Gravatt, which is now known as KEEMA. I left there and worked at Bryan Byrt Ford for a short time before joining the Australian Regular Army. There I served as a vehicle mechanic, working mainly on armoured vehicles until 1982, when I joined the Queensland Police Force.

During my service in the Queensland Police I have worked at many stations throughout the state including Clermont, North Tamborine, Coen, Woodridge, Beenleigh, Cairns general duties and Traffic Branch, Officer in Charge of the Esplanade Police Bear, Cairns, the Aboriginal communities of Yarrabah, Aurukun, Lockhart River, Bamaga, Kowanyama, Pormpuraaw, and Thursday Island. I also worked in Brisbane at City Station, Woolloongabba Station, Upper Mt. Gravatt and Brisbane Mobile Patrols. I decided to specialise in crash investigation and commenced duties in 1993 as a crash investigator at Logan Accident Investigation Squad. I was promoted to the rand of Sergeant in January 1997 and I have also worked at the Brisbane Forensic Crash Unit and as Officer in Charge of the Cairns Forensic Crash Unit. I am now the Officer in Charge of the Wide Bay Forensic Crash Unit, Maryborough.

One thing that was instilled into me, not only by my parents but also by my teachers at MacGregor was to serve the community. I was the first Adopt-A-Cop at MacGregor SHS, from 1989 to my promotion to Sergeant in 1997, having been asked to perform these duties by the then Principal, Mr Don Rostedt. I put a lot of time into MacGregor SHS and still to this day I run into many of the past students from MacGregor who recognise me as their Adopt-A-Cop. I have had the privilege of working alongside three of these students as police officers.

I have three children, all of whom have or are currently attending MacGregor. My youngest daughter Megan is currently in grade 11. My son Ben graduated last year and my eldest daughter Katherine graduated the year before. My brother Mark also attended MacGregor between 1973 and 76, leaving to join the Navy.

MacGregor State High School holds a very special place in my heart. I encourage all students to be your best, and to strive to achieve in life. We need people who are willing to give to the community and not just take from it. Whatever you may choose to do, do it honestly and to the best of your ability.

Good luck for the future.

Steve Webb

Last reviewed 29 April 2020
Last updated 29 April 2020