CAD and JAC (Centre for Artistic Development)


CAD Art and Media

CAD students will strive to demonstrate initiative, imagination and curiosity in the visual art and media making process, they create visual representations to communicate, challenge and express their own and collaborative ideas. Engagement in the visual arts and media has the capacity to inspire and enrich the lives of students and the community. CAD Art and Media engages students in a journey of discovery, experimentation and problem-solving relevant to visual perception and visual language. The CAD experience will support students to view the world through various lenses and contexts allowing them to see the significance of imagery in our lives and how art and the media can change people and thereby the world. Earnest involvement in the program will help students to develop understanding of the world, culture and their responsibilities as global citizens. Students are encouraged to be open, fair-minded, resilient and culturally aware communicators.


CAD Performing Arts

The CAD program provides an opportunity for senior students with dedication, integrity and adaptability to creatively collaborate within the arts to achieve success. The overall focus is on developing the arts practitioner and performer.

The program aims to balance skills with an understanding and appreciation of various art forms. Development of the individual as an effective collaborator is a priority of CAD. This will be achieved by sharing in decision-making processes and a group ethic based on mutual respect and intellectual flexibility.

Students are encouraged to be open, fair-minded, resilient and culturally aware communicators. CAD students strive to demonstrate initiative, imagination and curiosity in the arts making process.

JAC - Junior Aspiring CAD

Our JAC program, is an industry led extra-curricular extension troupe for versatile Performing Arts students to further their artistic development within their chosen major of dance, drama, or music.

As an audition entry program, JAC provides an avenue for students to broaden their skills, understanding, and experience in the Performing Arts through working with staff, senior CAD students and industry professionals in a diverse range of collaborative projects. As a member of JAC, students participate in a minimum of three different performance projects throughout the school year, which have previously included Children's Theatre performance tours, Wakakirri, Dance Odyssey and movie production. ​

To aid in their progression toward the senior study of CAD, JAC students are required to elect one or more of the arts subjects within the school curriculum. This ensures they have a solid foundation to build upon and develop their skills whilst also extending their arts studies.

All auditioning students participate in an ensemble dance, drama, and vocal workshop before conducting their audition in their chosen major. Auditions for the JAC program will take place at the beginning of Term 1 each year.

Other Performing Arts Opportunities

Drama offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to develop as arts practitioners. Listed below are just a sample of the offering available to students at MacGregor State High School:

Shake Fest - a unique opportunity for students across QLD to focus their artistic abilities in an all-inclusive creative celebration of the works of William Shakespeare. SHAKE FEST is the original cross schools Festival dynamically connecting students, schools, and industry through Shakespeare. (Shake& Stir Theatre Co.)

Youth Theatresports Competition - Theatresports™ is improvised theatre played as a spectator sport. Teams invent scenes from suggestions they are given, while following sets of rules called “games”. Everything is made up on the spot, the lights, music, dialogue, mime and song. The teams are judged on their ability to follow game rules, deliver a cohesive story line and entertain the audience. It is fast paced, unpredictable and hilarious. Best of all, it’s fun. (The Sit Down Comedy Club)

The Scene Project - encourages drama students throughout the state to engage in the creative process of performance, from rehearsal through to presentation. Each year a playwright pens a new work and the participating drama groups are tasked with the challenge of creating their own unique 15-minute version of the play. The Scene Project is about collaboration...building confidence and encouraging live performance in a professional space and manner. The project concludes with local schools coming together in a professional theatre venue to share their performance. (Queensland Theatre)

Positive Mindset Creative Arts Festival - promotes positive thinking about Mental Health and increase help-seeking behaviours with a Creative Arts Focus.

Class Clowns - Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s Class Clowns encourages students aged 14 – 18 (Years 9 – 12) to develop a stand-up, sketch, physical or musical comedy act to perform. Students get to take part in a workshop with a professional comedian before performing in front of a live audience. If they progress, they will then go on to a State Final, where they’re in the running to secure a place at the National Grand Final. All national finalists perform at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for a chance to win the Class Clowns title and a $2,500 prize package! (Class Clowns)​

Last reviewed 24 March 2023
Last updated 24 March 2023