Volleyball Development Program


Volleyball is the most gender equal sport in the world with the greatest growth in participation amongst school-aged children in Australia in the past decade. The MacGregor SHS Volleyball Development Program aims to nurture student athletes' abilities and allow them to play in Regional, State and National Competitions. Through our connections with the wider Volleyball community, we endeavour to assist students in being talent identified via avenues such as the Queensland Academy of Sport and Volleyball Queensland.

Our program will officially launch with our Year 7 students in 2024 for its inaugural year; arriving on the back of years of hard work and dedication from our students and teachers, past and present, to achieve phenomenal results at all level of competition from local district sport to the National stage with our performances at the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup each year.

The MacGregor SHS Volleyball Development Program (VDP) runs in conjunction with the Health and Physical education faculty curriculum and learning schedule. This is achieved through the careful amalgamation of Volleyball Pedagogy and the Australian Curriculum for HPE, providing student athletes the ability to receive the required academic learning opportunities with a specific focus on Volleyball.

The delivery of the program is facilitated through timetabled Volleyball classes under the Health and Physical Education banner, extra-curricular training sessions, strength and conditioning programs, tournaments, one-off games and excursions/camps.

Our program emphasises a holistic approach to athlete development; considering Health and Wellbeing as priorities alongside Physical and Technical ability.


To become a member of the VDP, prospective students must first fill in an application form and then attend an interview. Student athletes who are applying for the program must be prepared to train multiple times per week and be available to participate in School representative games. The code of conduct, guidelines and expectations of VDP members must be read, understood and signed by students and parents before enrolment. It is expected that each student will abide by said guidelines and code of conduct for the duration of their time in the VDP. The code of conduct and program expectations also include the following:

•             Ability to work well in a team environment

•             Commitment to full participation in all School Carnivals (Swimming, Cross-Country and Athletics)

•             Ability to meet the financial requirements of program inclusion

•             Active promotion of Volleyball, the VDP and Sport in general at MacG

•             Commitment to Fundraising drives during the year

•             Maintenance of exemplary behaviour, attendance and effort in all subjects

•             Full compliance with all school rules and regulations including compulsory uniform

Students in the VDP are expected to be a positive role model for other MacG students through living the school values of Respect, Integrity and Diversity. They must display excellent classroom behaviour across all subjects and strive to be the best that they can be at all times.

For further information regarding the VDP please do not hesitate to contact Damien Tobin (Head of Department – HPE, Sport and Specialist Programs) on 3347359 or at


Last reviewed 23 March 2023
Last updated 23 March 2023